religion, funniest shit i've ever seen
(basically) the story of how a good christian boy turned into a gay non-binary satanist catboy

Believe it or not, I used to be a child once ( lmao )

Against all odds, I also used to be religious, christian in fact.

I made this post because I wanted to get my random thoughts out there, since there's, at the time of writing this, a "Satanic Panic" happening within the Christian Community (apparently lol) and I honestly feel like it's a good idea to write down stuff like this.


My Parents raised me in a "open minded" way, that's the best way to put it. I was allowed to play with whichever toys I wanted, what I wanted my hair to be like, and what I wanted to wear, all that stuffs.

When I was younger, I'd always go to the "Jungschar", which is a small-ish religious hangout and play thing for kids, I loved it! I even loved the Bible Camp we'd do every year / every two years.

Though honestly as I grew older and discovered that I was gay (thanks bible camp) and sooner or later also discovered Social Media and the hateful side of Christians™️and Religion in general, I started to question my faith, which ended up in me being "an Atheist".

I asked myself how People could hate me without even knowing who I am as a person just because I love men. I asked myself why I'm going to hell, just for wanting to be with a man, instead of a Woman.


After I came out, publically at ~16-ish, I always joked around how I'd burn if I entered a Church, which would actually happen annually because German Schools are Christian by default, from my Experience.

In general, I'd treat religion as a joke when it involved me, and honestly, I still would. Within the Furry Fandom I'd joke around how my main Sona, Lio, was a Satanistic Gay Arsonist, because I personally found Satan, as well as hell, in general way more appealing than God and Heaven.

(I mean fr, what's not to love about hell when basically your entire giant ass circle of friends supposedly ends up down there)

I never looked deep into Satanism (ala Church of Satan, since there's apparently more than one kind of it)

At this point, I don't give a single fuck about religion anymore. I'd call myself a Satanist, if anything, but mainly because it pisses of hyper-religious people.


jfyi This Post has no point or anything, it's just stupid rambling.