nextcloud in docker
or how i managed to get my nextcloud instance running again

Recently, I had to completely remake my Nextcloud Instance, because my old instance just gave up after updating to v21.

So in my Search of finding a way to FINALLY get my Instance running again, I came across nextcloud/docker, which was, even though I don't know docker that well, my saving grace.

Thankfully this repo had a TON of ways with which you could set up your Nextcloud Instance, for me the most important one was docker/.examples/docker-compose/insecure/postgres/apache/, because the networking in my server is really annoying and I'd rather have a central nginx server deal with SSL.


WELL, when i first tried it, it didn't work, it kept showing me this and when I used the CLI to edit the config it'd tell me that it was unable to read/write from/to the config file

notion image

Well, turns out the docker-compose file or the image it downloads seemingly wasn't configured properly because I had to run docker-compose exec --user root app chown -R ../ to fix it.


After that, everything worked! I've already synced my Nextcloud folder from my previous Installation and have been syncing my Phone's Gallery for the past 8 hours (lol).

update: everything's finally synced