Furry Art Pro
the hot new commission middleman that will totally not steal your art (jk they will)

Quick Note :3c

( this is my personal blog, i will be biased and give my own opinions. furry valley can suck my knotted lion dick )


Apparently there's a new Commission middleman site going around by the name of "Furry Art Pro", which sells itself as "Your One-Stop Commission Shop".


First of all, "Furry Art Pro"? That's a terrible fucking name and I'd like to speak to the guy who did your branding, on second thought... i'd rather not.


Secondly, If the fact that hovering over or tapping on the Youtube and Twitch Icons leads you to the pages of Furry Valley.

The HTML shit isn't important, the important things are the things after the
The HTML shit isn't important, the important things are the things after the href
If you don't know who Furry Valley are: They're basically like every other furry sub-community (aka those big community discord / telegram servers) Just with a little twist that they will literally dox, blackmail, and stalk you if you try to leave (or if you're simply speaking up against them)
Don't believe me? Please see this thread by @FENNERGY or this other thread by them.

Anyways, to get back to Furry Art Pro and how it's bad, other than already being owned by FV, lets go over their TOS together and think of them as a single entity, shall we?

Use this link if you wanna read along (dw it's not on their site)


First of all, their "Business Model", if you can even call it that, is basically that they will find one of their artists that is willing to draw your Commission.


At first this doesn't sound that bad, right? Yeah, it doesn't.


On second thought though....

Their TOS require you to have any and all conversation with your Artist through them, which I personally find rather cumbersome, if I could just message the artist directly.


the commissioner pays, the artist has two weeks to draw the piece, and any WIPs or adjustments follow the procedure I mentioned above.


Of course, Porn can be commissioned as well, that's the usual "both parties need to be 18+" stuff, so not really interesting.


next paragraph is just a "we reserve the right to decline anyone for any reason" which is also standard afaik

Now we get to the juicy parts of their TOS 👀

FurryArtPro retains, for copyright purposes, ownership of the completed piece and any sketches or intermediary versions produced during the process. However, FurryArtPro licenses both the Artist and Commissioner to reproduce, distribute or display these as desired, for example to post to an art gallery or to a Twitter account.
FurryArtPro also licenses both the Artist and Commissioner to create derivative works based on these, for example to include the final piece in a meme image, or a sketch into a YouTube compilation.
FurryArtPro, for copyright purposes, also owns derivative pieces, with the same license as previously described applied to both Artists and Commissioners.

hm..I wonder why they'd want to reserve the right to any and all content made through their service? totally not to then post them in their telegram / twitter channels without being asked to take it down

Really though. Copyright/Ownership of an Artwork should lie with the Artist and/or Commissioner, not the Platform it was sent through.


Anyways, continue. The "For Commissioners" Section is rather tame when it comes to that.

Now for the "For Artists" Part...


#1 Seems reasonable, basically just a "if you fuck up publicly we can and will let you go"


The Artist must provide the finished piece, and the sketch(es), without watermarks, for the piece to have been deemed as completed.


ok but fr this is basically just so an artist can't piss on their shoes later, but the whole clause is scummy regardless


#3 The Artist has to have a total of $50 in their "Balance" with FAP (branding guys,,, c'mon) because of transfer fees which,,, makes sense but seems scummy to me idk


"At the End of a calendar month, the artist can withdraw their balance as long as it's over our threshold"


.... these TOS seem scummy as fuck, especially when you know that it's just another Furry Valley extension


I advise to not use this Service AT ALL, mainly because of their Connection with FV.

I personally suggest asking friends about who they commission or using something like